The Nudest Story

NüDEST is perfect food for on-the- move, made from 100% natural fruit puree, Greek style yoghurt and whole grains and packed in a neat pouch ready to enjoy anywhere. Pop this healthy snack in your handbag or gym bag for a delicious and nutritious on-the- go snack. We contain absolutely no nasties – no added sugar, preservatives, artificial flavourings or colours. Our nourishing packs of goodness are true nudists; stripped bare of all the bad stuff!

The NüDEST philosophy is all about keeping things simple, stripped down and minimal – in life and in food! Our NüDEST re-sealable pouches are free from artificial ingredients, bursting with delicious flavour and full of wholesome energy.

Fiona Keane


“The light bulb moment for NuDEST snack pouches came about one day when I was looking, without luck, again for a delicious, healthy, and superbly handy snack while I was on the go. Inception took place and I literally packed in what I was doing and started on this exciting Nudest journey!

Since then our Nudest camp has grown with the help of a great team of people, including some family, some friends and some lovely new faces too! We NUDESTs are all about making life easy, happy, healthy and as DELICIOUS as possible.

Coming from a farm in Tipperary and a family of foodie nuts, my respect for nature, sustainability, the outdoors and of course good food, influences my selection of ingredients and the product design itself.

Our Nudest pouches are made from 100% natural ingredients, fruit, grain and natural proteins. They can be enjoyed straight from the pouch ambient or chilled.

Nudests can be enjoyed by all the family and provide delicious, healthy good energy anywhere, anytime!

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What our customers say

My favourite is the banana, greek style yoghurt, honey and oats flavour. I can really taste the banana and also love the packaging, it’s perfect for out and about.

Claire Cassar

The banana, greek style yoghurt and oats pack gave me a nice sweet treat in the afternoon as a healthier replacement to a chocolate bar. It’s also really handy to keep in my handbag as an on the go breakfast or mid-morning snack

Lottie Woods

Fantastic flavour and really fills you up. I don’t usually eat breakfast, but this would be the perfect snack to have before the gym, or on the way to work.

Thom Walton