Our products are all natural!

  • No Artificial Flavoring

  • No Added Sugar

  • All Natural ingredients

  • Vegetarian friendly


The Nudest Promise!

All Natural Ingredients

What are we made of?

Each NuDEST pouch contains only the simplest ingredients. Made for snacking on-the- go, our little packs of natural goodness are a great source of nourishment and can be enjoyed straight from the pouch.

NUDEST Banana, Oats, Honey and Vanilla

Banana puree mixed with rolled oats, creamy Greek style yoghurt, honey and vanilla

  • Banana puree

  • Greek style yoghurt

  • Rolled oats

  • Honey

  • Vanilla

NUDEST Apple, Pear Wheat and Cinnamon

A classic pairing of apple, pear and cinnamon, mixed with creamy Greek style yoghurt and whole wheat grain

  • Apple puree

  • Pear puree

  • Greek style yoghurt

  • Whole wheat grain

  • Cinnamon




















Where are we stocked?

What our customers say

Great taste and fuels me through the day, the perfect energy boost when I’m on the move or at the gym. James Western

…what a great idea!, perfect for taking with me on hikes and my weekend cycles John Ryan

these delicious NüDEST packs have now become my go-to healthy snack Ruth Murphy